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Life is all about living. Everyone wants to live.

Do we ever wonder what’s the difference?

The parameters of living are different and unique for each human being. We are all unique in our perspectives, our capabilities, our strengths and weaknesses, our features and characteristics thus our requirements also differ.

Aspiration and desire for success is defined by individual needs and satisfaction.

Unfortunately, we live in a society or a world of prejudice and stereotypes rendering us victims of social obligations and pressures of conforming to set standards of leading a successful life. These pressures and stress to reach certain levels or standards of living take a toll on the quality of life that we lead.

When we say quality of life; what exactly do we mean?

Quality of life differs as per individual perceptions. We can go on and on about it but to cut it short and simple; “Quality of life” is a personal choice to live in the way we want to. Irrespective of what the world deems fit or right, every individual has the right to choose how they wish to live.

Expectations of the people surrounding us put us under duress to perform and sadly we tend to capitulate and do things that we really don’t want to do. The biggest challenge in my opinion today is for an individual to be able to stand in the face of these expectations and not succumb; to live and choose to do what he or she is passionate about and be at peace with oneself.



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