Studying UG STEM in Europe, cheaper Than that in India? TRUE/FALSE?

By May 14, 2023 February 12th, 2024 education

YES! IT’S TRUE! Studying UG STEM  is cheaper in EUROPE than that in India. The decision to study abroad for undergraduate STEM courses is a significant investment, undoubtedly.  And the financial considerations play a crucial role in making the right choice. 

Well, there are a lot of times that people think about admissions abroad and  assume that the amount they would spend in studying abroad will be huge and not worth it. Little does one know that the decision to study abroad holds huge value and additionally might cost you equivalent to the fees here in India and to an extent Cheaper than in India in the long run. In terms of Investment and ROI in the long run the better option is to study abroad. 

Studying in Europe for UG STEM courses may seem more expensive than studying in India, but it offers several financial advantages that make it a better option.

The first significant financial advantage of studying abroad is the availability of scholarships and funding opportunities. Almost all Universities offer numerous scholarships, bursaries, and grants for international students, making it easier for them to cover their tuition fees and living expenses. Along with it you also get the advantage of the scholarships to study for PG as well, with a waiver on your tuition fees, etc. 

Further more a UG degree abroad may qualify you for a PG degree with local fee status not overseas which is a significantly less amount than for a direct Masters abroad.

For example: A four- year undergraduate professional degree costs 10 to 15 lacs, in addition to the hostel fees,  overhead expenses, and academic materials. The whole amount adds to 25-30  lacs.  Whereas the same amount, if you invest to study abroad in universities in Hungary, Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, UK, etc for UG STEM courses, will reap greater benefits. 

Benefits of  UG abroad:

  • Better academic atmosphere
  • Focus on  practical and experiential teaching methods 
  • Global exposure.
  • The degree comes with a name tag and helps you get placed in India or anywhere else.
  • Masters at a meager cost.
  • Self Independence and Time Management.

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