Are your career choices confusing you?
Are you struggling to breakthrough some personal or professional problem?
Are you often awake at night trying to figure out why you are here?
Are you still searching for who you are?


Know yourself, Your weakness, Your strengths.
Know yourself and learn to fight your own battles, gain clarity of vision and confidence to achieve your dreams.
Seek your answers with the            “K” program.


Nurture yourself, Your attributes, Your capabilities. Nurture your personality traits, your competencies and skills by enhancing them and improving yourself by embracing learning. Perform better and improve your chances to success by learning comprehensive and cognitive skills. Notch up to the next level with the “N” program.


Grow your esteem, your worth
Upscale your graph by growing up and reaching heights that you dreamt about.
Escalate to your goals and enrich your life by appreciation and achievement.
Realize your full potential and elevate yourself to the optimum level.
Grow up stronger and better with the “G” program.

KNG Life Gyaan Services

Did you know that the power to KNOW, NURTURE and GROW is in your hands?

It is! At KNG we help you become aware of your abilities and enable you to achieve your dreams. Our unique cognitive programming techniques break down you fears and open up your mind to the brilliant possibilities hidden in your subconscious.

We help you to Reflect, Learn and Achieve everything you ever imagined impossible.

We are here to help you develop your personality, attitude and shape yourself, in the manner, you desire…
LIVE A LIFE of your choice… and FLY!


Life presents us with so many options, choices and decisions that it can be confusing and bewildering. There are times when we need to clarify our thoughts, perhaps look deep inside and understand who we are so that the answers eluding us surface and help us see things clearly. Sometimes you need an impartial person to help you accept your feelings and intentions and walk you through the muddle of thoughts and ideas fighting a war in your head so that you can see the light of the day.

At KNG we know and understand the conundrums in your head and empathize with you. We are here to help you get sorted easily and quickly without medication.

Trust us – we will help you find the life answers you have been seeking. And YES! it is a EUREKA moment sometimes!

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I have been consistently impressed by Kanchan's attitude towards her work and her performance on the job. Her communicative and interpersonal skills have enabled her to develop productive bonding with the boarders and seamlessly facilitated her work. Kanchan has excelled in her role exhibiting high levels of productivity while maintaining high standards of accuracy and quality. She is very well organized and keeps track of the details necessary to coordinate work and run an efficient office. Proactive by nature she takes initiative to go beyond the expected parameters of her job.


can't thank KNG and Kanchan Ma’am enough for the incredible guidance and support I received. As a confused BBA student, I had no idea which career path to pursue. Kanchan Ma’am took the time to understand my #interests, #strengths, and #aspirations. Through personalized sessions and insightful assessments, she helped me discover my true calling in #marketing. Her guidance didn't end there - she assisted me in finding the right program and business school to pursue my Master's in Marketing,
Today, I'm on my way to becoming a successful Marketing professional, studying in a top college in France and it's all thanks to the exceptional career counseling I received.

Anita SehgalDelhi

Kanchan, a name which everyone is familiar with in the Asian School family. She's a woman of strong personality and exudes a fierce and bold aura- popularly known as "LADY SINGHAM" among the students and the staff. She knows well as to when to be strict and when to shower the warmth of a motherly figure. Talking of which, just like a mother, she is available for the need of her students, 24 x 7. She's a perfect balance of strength and warm emotions.


Kanchan Ma’am; I worked with you for about a year and got to learn a lot in such a short time. You have the quality to understand the children and to show them the right path. You really work very hard and with honestly. It was great working with you


KANCHAN MAÁM, “you were VERY "DUTY" type during your job and working hours, but when we talked with you personally; i.e. one-one; you were really not what we expected. You are kind and very helpful ma'am. Thank you so much Ma’am!’


KANCHAN MAÁM, I got 97% in class 10 th Boards; full credits to you ma’am. You have helped me in many ways. You always supported me and believed in me. Thank you so much ma’am. I miss you ma’am.


KANCHAN Ma’am, you are just like my MOTHER


Choosing a major and a college felt like an overwhelming task, but I would thank my parents who booked me a session with Kanchan Ma’am and she made everything flow like a breeze. Kanchan Ma’am and her friendly approach put me at ease, and she patiently walked me through various options. She provided insights into different majors and colleges, considering my interests and future goals. Her guidance in the application process was invaluable, and I'm thrilled to say that I got into my dream college with a scholarship!

Without a doubt, she played a crucial role in shaping my educational journey.
Thank you, Ma’am! “

Santoshi BhandariDehradun

I am beyond grateful to Kanchan Ma’am who helped me transition from a confused student to a confident professional. Her commitment to understanding my passions and strengths allowed me to make a well-informed career decision in psychology. She guided me through the educational path, internships, and even provided advice on networking. Thanks to her unwavering support, I'm now pursuing a Master's degree in Psychology with a clear vision of my future

Mudit DwivediSheffield Hallam University

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