All you gotta do is: ASK

By December 28, 2019 February 12th, 2024 education

By Gyaanya (Age 15 – Student 10th)

You know what is the best part of life according to what “they say”? Well whoever “they” are, they say that school life is a period in one’s life, which you cherish the most and remember forever. I’d like to believe that this is the only time a person’s life is somewhat on a normal pace. Whenever somebody asks you ‘What grade are you studying in?’, and you reply saying that you study in grade 10, the first question or atom bomb they shoot towards you is ‘What are the subjects you are opting for?’ and that is when most of the people go in deep thinking, wondering what are they going to do in this life. Similarly, 12th graders are asked what do they want to become and which college they are planning to apply for; and they continue to bombard you with a long-lasting list of questions. Now these people may not even know about the colleges you tell them being impromptu; but they will be like ‘okay-okay’ and continue their attacks on you. This might not be a very useful source of information for them, but for you, it sends you to a different world of thoughts where all you think about is what you’re going to end up doing.

After that, you get a reality check, the first thing you do is browsing the internet. Probably typing questions like: ‘What course to choose to be successful?’ ‘How to know my abilities?’ ‘Which jobs are highly paid?’, etc., etc. Now this is exactly when personality development coaches jump in for the rescue. GOOGLE may be the modern world’s “I KNOW IT ALL” but the type of questions we have in our adolescent heads….?
“U hm..OK google talk to you later.”

Personality development coaches, life coaches, career counselors, etc. help find answers to all the questions, flying in our brains like butterflies. To gather these butterflies and categorize them accordingly, these people are our best resource. But then we are scared to approach them; thinking either we’ll look dumb or they might charge a bomb. Its far better to jump in a pool when you know there’s a life guard around who is paid to protect you.

Seriously, life is definitely much easier; if we let go of our fear or ego and just do one thing; the most important thing: ASK!!!

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