We dream about ‘IT’; We achieve ‘IT’ and then We live ‘IT’. But living “IT” in our own way has a price. And we are required to be able to pay the price, come what may. The idea of starting KNG, a ‘HAND’ to help an individual find a way to achieve their dreams’; stems from the troubles I had as a student to find my own way through. My experiences have specifically influenced this website from the scratch.

The concept of knowing is because it’s important to KNOW, more importantly the right information. The Internet is a very global and vast way of looking for answers. It’s very difficult to narrow it down to what we exactly want or need. The concept of NURTURE and GROW, is for you to learn more about a particular area that can help you nurture or enhance it according to your abilities; in order to grow as an individual who strives to achieve what they want. My life has taught me that holistic development is very important in order to be successful. Being good in just academics or sports or cultural activities is never enough.

The key to hack ‘IT’ as an individual in real life is to have confidence in your own skin, to KNOW exactly what you’re doing, how are you doing ‘IT’ and why are you doing ‘IT’. These answers will only come out if you know who you are and what you’re capable of. And here at “KNG” that is exactly what we’re trying to help you with.



Hey!! hello out there to all of you! This is me Kanchan. I am here as your captain to help you sail through the sea of LIFE! I know there will be strong winds, hails and storms… but do not worry. Let me help you and guide you to find a way out. A way away from the darkness of uncertainty to the light of wisdom. Come join the journey of knowing the unknown potential you bear. Let me nurture it to your fullest optimum level. And grow it to make a better life out there and stay put in front of every challenge you may face ahead in life.

My own journey has been tumultuous to say the least. I did my schooling from six different schools. Rebellious and gutsy I never let a challenge defy me. The only NCC girl in a coed school I bore the brunt of being continuously teased yet was one who was most sought after by all fellow students and teachers alike. I won my first debate prize when I was in class 4th and never looked back or counted after that. No school function was complete without my participation.

Surprisingly one of the greatest feeling of achievement was a gold medal in Firing in NCC camp. College was a diploma in Fashion Designing and Illustration from JD Mumbai which I topped winning the prestigious scholarship to IIFA, Miami USA. However, circumstances forced me to stay in India and pursue my career as a Pioneer in Fashion at my hometown Raipur.

My professional journey saw me working as Course Director at JD Raipur and Indore, Head Designer-Kids wear at Pantaloons and Fashion designer, Illustrator and Consultant under own label “Kriti by Kanchan”. I also diversified and started a food franchise outlet; single handedly managing administration, operations marketing, training and skill management of staff etc.

Life brought me to a different level and my passion for helping students which was limited to govt or ngo run schools saw me working in student management as Dorm-Parent and Hostel-In charge boys boarding at The Asian School, Dehradun and later as the Hostel Co-Ordinator at The Sagar School, Rajasthan. These roles also included assessment-based training for all students under our care in areas of communication and life skills, time management, career guidance, public speaking among many others. The best times of my life were when I have been with the students and having faced their plights, I have found myself driven to help them in whatever possible ways that I can with my knowledge and experience. Having helped hundreds of students who have benefitted from my support; at this juncture of my career I seek the satisfaction of helping the confused students in facing their challenges.

It is what gives me the ‘KICK’.

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